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Dr. Marr Acupuncture Relief and Pain Injury Center

Acupuncture Cures Body & Reliefs Chronic Pain

Acupuncture cures specific diseases and conditions in the body.

Jack Bleeker
Research Coordinator
June 17, 2009

  • What is Acupuncture, What Does it Treat, and How Effective is it?

    Posted: Oct 9, 2011
    As early as 1890 acupuncture was recommended for lower back pain by the famous Canadian doctor sir William Osler in his classic textbook The Principle and Practice of Medicine. Today in Western societies acupuncture is largely used in pain management, and this analgesic function is still the most studied aspect of acupuncture.
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  • Back-to-School Sports Physical Exams

    You already know that playing sports helps keep you fit. You also know that sports are a fun way to socialize and meet people. But you might not know why the physical you may have to take at the beginning of your sports season is so important.
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  • Why seeing a Chiropractor is important?

    Posted: Oct 19, 2011
    Minor back and neck pain can be symptoms of what is called Subluxation Degeneration or Pinched Nerves. When proper spinal function is compromised a serious degenerative process is set in motion and if neglected gets worst with time. An effective form of care is specific chiropractic adjustments. These help return spinal bones to their normal position and motion.
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Acupuncture a Powerful Integrative Oncology Tool
Integrative Oncology is the combination of "mainstream" care and evidenced-based complimentary therapies to control cancer-related pain and symptoms [source: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Integrative Medicine]. Complementary therapies, while not given the attention that more traditional cancer therapies may receive, are perhaps equally important while undergoing treatment for certain types of cancer. Patients diagnosed with difficult to treat malignancies will often use these types of therapies in conjunction with traditional treatment options, which include surgery, chemotherapy, or radiology, to form a more comprehensive and effective treatment regimen. Among the most effective alternative therapies utilized by those diagnosed with cancer is acupuncture.


Acupuncture has long been utilized as a general pain reduction method for thousands of years, originating in the Far East and gradually being utilized throughout the world. Effective cancer treatment often depends on the patient's ability to not only defeat the cancer through various methods but to also maintain their health and mental spirit throughout the course of treatment.

Often, the symptoms and effects of the cancer itself on the body are insignificant compared to the pain and other side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are often fatigued, experience a lack of appetite and weight loss, and may become depressed. For cancer patients experiencing these and other side effects, acupuncture is extremely beneficial. According to the ancient theories of Chinese medicine, "qi," or "life energy," flows through energy channels within the body known as meridians. These channels connect the body's internal organs, and if these meridians become "blocked," or an individual's qi cannot flow properly, disease will set in. Acupuncture is said to relieve blockages and restore the natural flow of qi, and ultimately restoring one's health.

Cancers such as mesothelioma, which are often unable to be removed by surgical means, are often treated with some combination of chemotherapy and radiation [the combination of chemo drug Alimta® and anti-cancer drug Cisplatin® is a popular mesothelioma treatment method]. While these potent drugs can be effective in eliminating some of the tumor mass and growth, they also profoundly affect the health of the surrounding tissue. Symptoms experienced by those undergoing mainstream cancer treatments include fever, nausea, and debilitating pain.

Patients who undergo acupuncture in conjunction with mainstream cancer therapies have experienced dramatic reductions in pain and feel that their energy and mental wellbeing was restored. Cancer patients who feel energized, are pain-free and have a solid state of mind are more likely to withstand traditional methods of cancer treatment and have an increased survival rate.

Acupuncture is said to be so effective, in fact, that the World Health Organization [WHO] has recognized acupuncture as a successful intervention for adverse reactions to radiation and chemotherapy. The National Institute of Health [NIH] also agreed that acupuncture may relieve nausea and pain experienced by cancer sufferers, and the organization supports acupuncture clinical trials.

While this ancient method of therapy may be extremely effective for some, acupuncture may not be recommended for all cancer patients. Those who have a history of endocarditis, neutropenia or thrombocytopenia should not undergo acupuncture. Individuals with lymphedema or those who have a pacemaker should speak with a physician before beginning any course of acupuncture therapy.

While oncologists like Dr. Valerie Rusch of the Cancer Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City continue to work towards a cure, those who practice the ancient art of acupuncture will be working to help cancer sufferers experience a better quality of life and an increased rate of survival. And while the scientific validity of Acupuncture has been proved in many, many studies, the Medicinal Herbal Formulary of Chinese Medicine also shows promise as another resource for those suffering with various cancers.

Common Acupuncture Body Cures:

1. Acupuncture Neurological Cures

* Migraine and other headaches
* Trigeminal neuralgia and other face pains
* Bell's palsy (face paralysis)
* Anxiety
* depression
* fears
* claustrophobia
* Meniere's disorder
* Post herpetic (Shingles)
* Neuralgia
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Sciatica
* Travel sickness
* Tiredness
* Phantom limb pain
* Paralysis of leg or arm persisting after a stroke (cerebral thrombosis)

2. Acupuncture Musculo - Skeletal Cures

* Neck and low back pains
* Whipla
* Frozen shoulder
* Tennis elbow
* Painful joints of rheumatoid
* arthritis
* Osteoarthritis of knees, or hips or other joints
* Heel spurs
* Acute sports injuries
* Wound healing

3. Acupuncture Cures Pain

* Pain after operations
* Painful prominent scars

4. Acupuncture Cures Gyneclological

* Menstruation pains
* Other pelvic pains
* Flushes especially menopausal
* Painful nodular breasts
* Endometriosis Preparation for childbirth
* Irregular or excessive menstruation

5. Acupuncture Cures Skin

* Wrinkles or bagginess of face
* Acne
* Psoriasis
* Boils
* Eczema
* Various other skin disorders

6. Acupuncture Cures Vascular

* Aching varicose veins
* Cramps
* Restless legs
* Intermittent claudication (pain on walking)
* Hemorrhoids

7. Acupuncture Cures Allergy

* Hay fever
* Rhinitis
* Sinusitis
* Asthma

8. Acupuncture Cures Bladder

* Cystitis (especially in the elderly)
* Early prostate enlargement
* Non-specific urethritis
* Bedwetting

9. Acupuncture Cures Infections

* Bronchitis
* Emphysema
* Recurring tonsillitis
* Mouth ulcers

10. Acupuncture Cures the body's Bowles

* Colitis or other bowel inflammations
* Stomach ulcers

11. Acupuncture has been used to Cure these other aliments.

* Persisting weakness after a severe illness
* smoking
* Tired eyes
* Pterygium Retinitis
* pigmentosa
* High blood pressure
* tinnitus
* palpitations
* excessive perspiration
* constipation
* diarrhea
* vaginal pain
* itch
* obesity
* impotence
* infertility (especially after an illness)

Dr. Glenn Marr has been treating patients for these problems and many other problems for nineteen years. He can communicate with you about your problem and then explain exactly what the Acupuncture therapy will consist of. There are 3 types of Acupuncture therapy that Dr. Marr uses; disposable needle Acupuncture, heat Acupuncture, and electric Acupunture.Most patients say that they do not feel most of the needles. This is true, as the needles are very small in diameter, about the size of a piece of hair. Even if you do not want needles at all, you can be treated with the heat or electric Acupuncture. The heat acupuncture is very soothing and relaxing and can be used for most problems especially sinus problems. The electric acupuncture is barely felt at all by almost all patients, and can be used for all types of Acupuncture therapy.

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